Greeting from the Mayor

Greetings,Mayor Mike McQuiston

As Mayor and a representative of our great city, I would like to welcome you to Decatur, Texas! Decatur is a vibrant community that offers excellent employment opportunities, education, health services, and charitable foundations to meet the needs of its residents and visitors.

Our city is located at the crossroads of two U.S. highways, 81/287 and 380, nestled just outside of the Dallas- Fort Worth Metroplex.  Decatur is home to a bustling downtown area filled with businesses, restaurants, boutiques and shops. With a rich history, Decatur was founded in 1858 as the county seat of Wise County and was a well-known stopping site for ranchers and herders coming in from the Chisholm Trail.  Our city is home to the Wise County Heritage Museum and one of the best historic courthouses in the country due to its establishment in 1896. Decatur has always been a well-rounded, thriving town with a strong sense of community, where families desire to locate, live, work, pursue their dreams, raise children and retire. Our annual calendar of community events is loaded with many opportunities for each individual and family to participate in our active community life.

We have an outstanding public education system with a large 4A high school, excellent private schools and a local college campus, Weatherford College. Decatur has many active churches, charitable organizations, 6 public parks, a large library, conference center, and a municipal airport. Decatur also hosts the annual Wise County Youth Fair, the oldest continuously operating event of its kind in the state.

Decatur offers leading healthcare services and is home to the Baylor Scott & White affiliated Wise Health System. Wise Health System is the largest employer in the region, is centrally located in the heart of Decatur, and has facilities across 5 other counties. The hospital offers full emergency and surgical capabilities, a behavioral health unit, a large dialysis center, a cancer treatment center and a large state of the art physical fitness and rehabilitation facility (Fit-N-Wise).

With its blend of historical landmarks and continued new business opportunities, Decatur offers a uniquely positive climate to support its citizens. Decatur truly is a great place to live, work, and raise a family!

Welcome to Decatur!

Mayor Mike McQuiston