Courtroom Etiquette

Quiet Please

During an open court session, each individual is given an opportunity to listen to the Judge's instructions about his/her case. Talking and other disruptive noise interferes with that interaction. Please refrain from noisy or disruptive behavior and be respectful of all court proceedings. This includes frequent entering and exiting of the courtroom.

Audible Devices

Please place your cellular phones on "silent" upon entering the courtroom. No computers, gaming equipment, recording devices, or other disruptive electronic devices are allowed in the courtroom.

Food & Drinks Are Not Allowed

Food, snacks, and drinks are prohibited. Food/drinks are not allowed in the court room. Please finish or discard BEFORE going into court.

Courtroom Dress Code

You are required to dress in a manner that demonstrates respect of the judiciary. It is improper to wear shorts, mini skirts, flip flops, torso revealing garments, or hats. Clothing with offensive slogans, pictures, or gestures are prohibited.

Court Dates

You will sign for a "scheduled court date" when you make your first appearance. All court dates will be put on the next available docket.

Court Security

  • No weapons of any type are allowed in the court room.  This includes pocket/clip knives and any type of pepper spray.
  • All persons entering the court room are subject to search.
  • All bags, purses, brief cases, back packs, or similar items are subject to search.
  • Persons refusing to be searched or to allow a bag search will be denied access to the court.
  • Jokes about carrying weapons into the court or threatening any Judge or other court personnel will be taken seriously.
  • Any act or comment considered a threat against a Judge or any court personnel will result in immediate expulsion from the court and possible criminal charges.
  • Do not approach the Judge's bench unless directed to do so.
  • Do not lean on the Judge's bench.

Thank you for your assistance and compliance.