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Decatur Library Foundation Event

  1. Are you a Friend of the Decatur Public Library?*
  2. If you are a current member of the Friends of the Decatur Public Library, please include your member number.

  3. Dinner Preferance

    Please choose which main course you would prefer. 

  4. Dietary Restrictions

    Do you have any dietary restrictions?

  5. Note

    Online ticket purchases are non-refundable. Once you have purchased your tickets, your name will be added to the event guest list. 

    If you are not a current member of the Friends of the Decatur Public Library and you attempt to purchase tickets at the Friends of the Library discount rate, your payment will be rejected. You will receive a notification from the Friends group and you will not be added to the guest list.

    We will make every attempt to adjust the menu to dietary restrictions, but please be aware that not all accommodations may be possible. 

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